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Who is Life Plan of Kentucky?

Our Board of Directors is a dedicated group of family members of people with special needs, attorneys who practice in this field, financial advisors and members of the community who have an interest in serving this population.  This team of individuals works closely with our staff to ensure that client needs are met in the best way possible, from consideration of distribution requests to reviewing investment portfolios of the trust.  Because our Board members have experience in this field, our clients benefit from their expertise, as well as knowledge of available programs and resources.

Our Trust Operations Coordinator, Cindy Nabar, provides front-line response to client requests and maintains our client information, using Life Plan’s sophisticated trust accounting software.  She can be reached at 859-523-2323.  Life Plan’s Executive Director, Karen L. Perch, an attorney with an extensive background focusing on special needs planning, can answer legal questions that you may have.  She can be reached at 859-523-2347.

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Life Plan of Kentucky is part of our family’s plan for the future. As parents of a son with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we know that the day will come when we will no longer be able to make financial decisions on his behalf. We also know that it’s important to have a special needs trust for him. We chose Life Plan of Kentucky Pooled Special Needs Trust. This decision has given us the peace of mind that knowledgeable people will be making financial decisions on our son’s behalf in the future. Our extended family has also welcomed this decision as it will relieve them of this obligation. We feel very good about including Life Plan of Kentucky in our son’s future.

Don & Gail C.Union, KY
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Life Plan of Kentucky, Inc.
230 Lexington Green Circle
Suite 120
Lex, KY 40503

Phone: 859-523-2323